SM Medical's Padded Cell Movies

Finally getting my movie editor going on my dedicated i7 CPU machine I now have converted some of my hundreds of hours of webcam footage into short clips. All clips are H264 encoded and play fine with VLC media player (Windows, Linux, OSX and many other OS's). Right click the screenshot and select download.

Jingle bells galore! Well padded, with warm, furry, PVC fishing coveralls against the chill in my cell.

Blow-up diaper. The sensation is totally awesome! Too bad it's not very sturdy as it sprung a tiny leak.

More jingle bells. Fur-lined PVC coveralls beneath dyneema jumpsuit. Skate helmet with those pesky bells and a spreader bar for heightened enjoyment.

Diaper Flood Test. With my newly modified dyneema jumpsuit (now with mitts and socks) I wanted to see what happens if you push a diaper way too far. I had this combination of a disposable and two cotton diapers on for a day and a half.


Last update: 16 April 2012

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